Chairwoman’s Message

Message from the chairwoman: Margarita Simkin

Margarita Simkin: INKAS® Armored Chairwoman

For almost three decades, INKAS® has proven to be an innovative leader in the security industry, providing critical protection worldwide. INKAS® provides security consulting and management services, as well as manufactures armored vehicles in order to ensure secure transportation of personnel in adverse conditions around the globe. The company’s drive and success are built upon a foundation of integrity, ethics, and a genuine desire to enact positive change in the world.

On behalf of INKAS®, I would like to thank all of our clientele who entrust the protection of their lives to us.  We’re humbled that the equipment and vehicles we manufacture play a crucial role in helping aid law enforcement agencies and other peacekeeping operations, as well as to protect the lives of individuals in critical situations. I am honoured to be a key player in spearheading the global approach and being able to make a meaningful impact on an international scale.

We’re aware of the realities and the severity of the risks that our clients face on a daily basis, and we understand the need to have trusted, and dependable products amidst volatile times. We continue to be responsive to the needs of our clients worldwide, and are committed to delivering high-quality, proven products.

We actively strive to stay at the forefront of innovation and continue to build upon our proven history of success to solve the problems of tomorrow, today. Each and every human being’s life is precious, and we don’t take lightly the importance that our products play in providing protection in critical situations. We make a great amount of investments to advance our technologies, manufacturing techniques, and engineering expertise in order to provide our clients with advanced security products, which include vehicles, safes, vaults, and other equipment.

My vision for INKAS® is to continue to contribute to the future of the security industry and to offer high quality and innovative solutions that provide reliable protection when it matters the most.

Chairwoman, INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

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